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What is a Beauty IV Drip? Benefits and Everything you Need to Know about it

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Peck
Reading Time: 6 minutes
Benefits of Beauty Drip

Everyone wants to have flawless and beautiful skin. We often struggle to choose from many products and treatments for our skin to find the RIGHT ONE!

There are thousands of beauty routines to make you look your best, but the problem with these methods is that they are time-taking, costly, or painful, such as surgery.

What if I tell you that there is a game-changing technique waiting for you to make your skin crystal clear and glowing? 

It’s a magical treatment to get you ready for the red carpet in a few hours or even less than that. This treatment is known as IV beauty drip.

What is a beauty IV drip?

IV beauty drips have been introduced as the quickest and most natural beauty treatments in present times and have almost turned the beauty industry’s perspective upside down.

They are also being termed the future of the beauty industry.

In this article, we will try our best to get you covered about everything around these beauty-boosting drips. So, if you want to try this beauty hack or are eager to know more about it, then walk through this post.

Ingredients of Beauty Drip

Biotin or B7: It is also known as vitamin H. The primary function of biotin is that it helps the digested nutrients to be converted into energy. That’s why it is vastly used in nutritional IV therapies. There is much evidence that biotin deficiency can damage skin, hair, and nails.

Biotin is now believed to be an essential component for healthier skin cells and hair growth. Therefore, many salon products are also introduced which contain biotin in them.

Furthermore, IV treatments and oral administration of vitamin H are also vastly promoted. It is considered a secret weapon to fight aging, dry skin, and other skin problems because it addresses the balanced hormonal function of the nervous system.

Vitamin C: It protects the skin from excessive damage and water loss by stimulating and promoting collagen production in the skin, keeping skin firm and plump from within. It also brightens the complexion by reducing blemishes. And giving skin immunity to fight skin infections.

It is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes the free radicals and toxins present in your body. Thus, it acts as a miraculous anti-aging ingredient.

Ascorbic acid: It is also a form of vitamin C, and is a much-needed nutrient for your body as it stimulates the healing process in your body. It is also called a dermatologist’s favorite ingredient as it fights wrinkles, aging, and skin infections and also prevents sun damage to your skin.

Vitamin B COMPLEX: B-complex comprises multiple vitamin B such as thiamine B1, pantothenic acid B5, and niacin B3. These all help to heal your skin and meet different needs of your skin, e.g., acne control, maintaining moisture, and providing it with immunity to fight infections. Vitamin B 6 helps to release stress and maintain a good night’s sleep to avoid wrinkles and puffiness of the skin.

Benefits of Beauty Drips

There are the following benefits of IV vitamin therapy, or you can call them the reaction of your skin in response to this treatment.

  • Rehydration: Minerals and IV fluids present in this drip make your skin look plump, shiny, and hydrated. They minimize the signs of wrinkles and cracks on the skin.
  • Boosting the immune system: The anti-oxidative ingredients present in this drip work as detoxifiers and immunity boosters for your skin to give it strength to fight against skin infections, eczema, and acne.
  • Relieving stress: These anti-oxidants are also best to alleviate your stress and fatigue. You will automatically feel recharged and fresh after getting this treatment.
  • Anti-aging: Excessive caffeine, alcohol, or smoking makes your skin look tired and old. Vitamins and essential nutrients present in this drip will help your skin look filled and youthful by returning to what it needs the most.
  • Improves blood circulation: The vitamin B complex is the combination of 8 subunits. The main function of this group is to form red blood cells for oxygen supply to organs. In particular, vitamin B3 is responsible for better blood circulation. Hence, your skin looks more vibrant and shinier if it is enriched with oxygen.

How Vitamin drips affect skin hydration?

We all know how important it is to keep your body hydrated. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is necessary to compensate for dehydration caused by sweating and urination. It is also required to flush out toxins from the body and keep the cells plumped. But in reality, how many of us really think about drinking enough water just to stay hydrated?

So, this drip makes up for all your heat-loss body fluids as it is packed with those fluids and vitamins which provides iv hydration therapy benefits by rehydrating your cells to refrain from shrinking and add up to the glow and bounce of the skin.

It offers a total skin overhaul

The main focus of this IV treatment is to rejuvenate your skin, enhance the growth of your hair and nails and minimize the signs of aging.

By restoring the body’s ideal levels of essential vitamins and minerals, this beauty drip can visibly decrease stress and fatigue symptoms and give your skin a fresh and energized look.

It gives a healthy and youthful glow to your skin

When your body meets its demands for required nutrients and vitamins, it thrives from within. Other beauty products such as serums, creams, and toners only work on the surface, which is only a temporary solution and not reliable. You may hide your blemishes and wrinkles with the help of cosmetics, but isn’t it better if you provide your body and skin with what it truly needs.

If you treat yourself with these beauty drips, you will directly skip to the good part. The anti-oxidants and nutrients are totally absorbed into your system without getting wasted, like oral supplements.

Eliminates free radicals and toxins

The term “free radicals” is quite famous in the cosmetic and beauty industry. These are volatile and reactive substances that are produced in our body during the metabolism process. These free radicals and toxins are to be blamed for the breakdown of collagen in our skin, making it look wrinkled and old.

The human body is exposed to these free radicals every day. The best way to avoid its consequences is to prepare your body for the battle. The high levels of antioxidants in the form of vitamins in this drip will encounter those free radicals and bind with them. So, those radicals will be neutralized before harming your skin.

Why choose a beauty IV drip?

The main difference between other beauty treatments and this technique is simple. It skips the long route of the digestion process and absorption of nutrients into the blood and then shows the results on your skin by directly going into the blood and then showing up on the face as a natural glow.

This method is far more convenient for those people who can not get along with most beauty products due to sensitive skin or allergies. It is also a blessing for people who cannot take oral supplements due to a sensitive stomach or find it hard to follow day-to-day treatment.


When should you use a beauty IV Drip?

These beauty drips are the real game changer in the beauty industry. We see that in the current busy lifestyle that most of us follow, predominantly in urban areas, it is challenging to take care of yourself in terms of eating right and on time. Let alone follow a ten-step skincare routine and proper resting hours. 

These internal deficiencies will appear on the surface in different ways, such as acne problems, blemishes, and hair fall. These IV glow therapies when compared to oral supplements and beauty creams will save you so much time and practice and give your skin an inside-out glow that will be quicker and longer-lasting.

How long does glow drip last?

There are many aspects to evaluate before setting an IV treatment regime because the time to drop blood nutrient levels varies from person to person.

But mostly, the people who benefit from this therapy get it repeated every three to four weeks as that is the estimated time when the nutrient levels in the blood usually go down.

What does a glow drip do?

This beauty drip offered by Nepenthe Wellness Center is mainly a compilation of solid anti-oxidants. It works by detoxifying your whole system from within. Once all the toxins and free radicals are removed from your blood and are replaced by multi-vitamins and other nutrients, it shows up on your face automatically in the form of a healthy and refreshed glow.

Is IV drip good for the skin?

It contains immune system strengthening agents such as ascorbic acid and vitamin C, so it is more than evident that it helps your skin fight against bacteria that cause skin infections. (Eczema, psoriasis, acne).

Do beauty drips have side effects?

Although it is pretty rare to be allergic to any of its contents, it is still possible. The key to avoiding any misfortune is by talking to the experts clearly about all of your hypersensitivities, if there are any.

Secondly, provide your practitioner with a comprehensive medical history and inform them if you are on any medication or suffering from a chronic disease.


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