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Trim Drip

Struggling to lose weight? Not seeing the energy levels you need? We get it. Everyone could use a little help here, and that’s where our Trim Drip comes in. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, it delivers powerful energy to give your weight loss efforts a major boost

Boosts Metabolism

Burns Fat

Increases Energy

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Recommended Treatment Frequency

We recommend our Trim Drip once per month to keep your metabolism up and deliver maximum fat-burning capabilities.

About the Trim Drip

Struggling to achieve your weight loss goals? Is your energy flagging? There’s good news. Our proprietary Trim Drip blend is specially formulated to help you achieve meaningful, measurable weight loss, boost energy, and live your best life.

Formulated with biotin (B7) and alpha-lipoic acid, Trim Drip accelerates your metabolism, increases weight loss, boosts metabolization of fats and carbs, and even helps you control your blood sugar.

If you’ve been looking for a way to jumpstart your metabolism and lose weight faster, we can help.



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Relax and Burn Fat


Just sit back and relax in a comfortable recliner with a pair of high-quality headphones as a registered nurse administers the drip and monitors your vitals.

Main Ingredients

Vitamin B complex is critical for immune system function, energy production, collagen production, and so much more. Our B complex includes thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, and cobalamin.

We include a range of essential amino acids to help prevent muscle tissue loss while supporting fat burning and increasing your metabolism.

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Your Questions Answered

We recommend that you plan for your session to take around an hour.
Please wear comfortable clothing so you can relax during your vitamin therapy. Loose sleeves are required so the nurse can access your arm.
Our proprietary IV drip formulation is designed to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to improve metabolism, boost energy, and burn fat faster.
You’ll relax in a recliner with a blanket and high-quality headphones, as well as TV programming, while a registered nurse inserts the IV into your arm and monitors your vitals.
We offer several add-ons that can help with your specific goals. We’d be happy to discuss your options before your appointment.