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Ketamine Treatment for Substance Abuse

Nepenthe offers holistic ketamine treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction at our healing center in Cedar Park, Texas.

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Substance Abuse Featured

Understanding Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is defined as the excessive use of any type of psychoactive drug, whether that’s alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs. Substance abuse leads to chemical dependency, which can cause an incredible range of challenges, from increased resistance and ever-larger doses/quantities to withdrawal from social and recreational activities and psychological damage.

Ketamine infusion therapy offers hope for those locked into the cycle of substance abuse. It acts within the body to reduce cravings by altering the brain’s neural connections and to enhance the experience with traditional psychotherapy. Ketamine reduces the chance of relapse while helping patients focus on building the skills they need to reclaim their lives.

Ketamine May Work for You If You Experience the Following:


Ketamine works to rewire the brain’s neural connections, reducing cravings.


Does the thought of getting clean make you anxious and worried? Ketamine can help.


Struggling to connect with your therapist? Ketamine improves the impact of psychotherapy.


Have you kicked substance abuse only to relapse? Ketamine reduces the risk of relapse.


Ketamine has shown an ability to limit or eliminate dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ketamine is an FDA-approved drug and has been used for decades. You will also benefit from a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs, physiology, and goals.

Yes! Several studies have been conducted that showed ketamine was able to reduce the craving for alcohol and drugs. It was also instrumental in helping patients connect with therapists during psychotherapy, which is also an important part of your road to sobriety. Ketamine has also shown an ability to help prevent relapses.

Ketamine therapy is not covered by insurance in most cases. It is an FDA-approved anesthetic, but other uses are considered “off label”. We can provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance carrier in an effort to be reimbursed.

Ketamine is administered by an IV inserted by a registered nurse into your arm or hand. Your vitals will also be monitored the entire time, and you’ll be able to relax in our home-like atmosphere with high-quality headphones and music or TV programming.

Ketamine’s side effects tend to be minimal. Most patients report feeling fatigue after treatment. Many also report feeling a little strange afterward. Most side effects only last an hour or two.