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Who Will Be Responsible for Administering the Ketamine Treatments?

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Peck
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Ketamine Therapy at Nepenthe Wellness Center (Cedar Park, TX) is a patient-oriented intravenous treatment that assists people in managing mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, PTSD and chronic pain, among other conditions.

Our ketamine infusion therapy is an uncomplicated procedure that offers a variety of health benefits as it produces unique and positive effects on the nervous system. It is a rapid, safe and painless treatment option for people who are being held back by illnesses that are beyond their control.

There are some oral ketamine solutions also available in the market today, however, intravenous therapy has proven to be faster in alleviating problematic symptoms in patients and providing relief for a longer duration.

Wondering if ketamine therapy is the solution you have been seeking? You can reach out to us at Nepenthe Wellness Center for a detailed and professional evaluation.

Once our professional healthcare team decides if your mental well-being can be improved with this treatment, they will devise a personalized plan for you. We also offer at-home ketamine service to further facilitate and provide the care you need in the private haven of your own home.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from receiving Ketamine Therapy from us:

  • Customized treatment plans formulated based on the patient’s medical history
  • Relief from disruptive and negative thought patterns and establishing a more positive outlook on life
  • Lasting relief from the symptoms of the aforementioned mental health problems
  • Dosage recommended and adjusted to better suit your needs, no daily medications
  • Enjoying At-home ketamine therapy benefits after consultative sessions
  • This treatment will also facilitate communication between the brain and other organs, thus improving physical health as well
  • Rapid relief from symptoms of mood-altering ailments that can be observed in hours and not months

Who will be responsible for administering the ketamine treatments?

Nepenthe Wellness Center – located in Cedar Park, TX – has been helping people of almost all age groups find the best treatment option that’s delivered in the comfortable care of experienced professionals.

To ensure that only the most advantageous therapy solution is delivered, we have recruited several qualified and trained healthcare providers who will walk you through your treatment and ensure that it is the right choice based on your healthcare evaluation. We aim to facilitate you in the best possible manner so you achieve an optimal state of well-being. You can sign up for this FDA-approved medication today and begin your journey of getting better control of your life.

What are the qualifications of the person administering the ketamine treatments?

Within a clinical setting, our ketamine therapy services are delivered to patients by qualified healthcare providers who are licensed to practice the available treatment options. You can book your consultation today and during your first visit/conference call, our expert practitioner will get all the information required to make an informed analysis.

Based on this analysis, a customized treatment plan with the right dosage will be created that will work out for your best health.

The professionals offering you treatment have been trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and other related disciplines by several notable healthcare and medical research institutes.

Their qualifications enable them to determine the right medication and its frequency during the scope of the ketamine infusions treatment. You can visit Nepenthe Wellness Center with full confidence that a team of compassionate experts will decide only the best and most suited path to healthcare. 

Training Requirements for Ketamine infusion Administrators

Usually for the IV ketamine therapy, services of a practicing certified ansesthesiologist are required along with an experienced and certified clinical nurse. Also, not to forget that diagnosis is previously made by an experienced and certified psychologist who has refered the patient for the ketamine therapy.

Who will be responsible for monitoring the patient during ketamine treatments?

  • From the preparation of the customized dose to meet the individual needs of the patient,
  • Well-mangeged handling of the medical appliences and IV apparatus etc,
  • Smooth procedure for the maximum beneficial experience of the patient
  • Every step is monitored and checked by the HCP and nurse to avoid any unusual situations. If there is any thing out of the plan, the procedure is stopped immidiately and continued only if the patient feels fine.
  • As for the at-home ketamine treatment tablets, the patient is continuously in touch with his HCP or psychologist and has to inform him about everything he experiences after each session. The dosage of the tablet is very mild, so there is no chance for any extreme side effect. But still, if the HCP feels that something is unusual, he will immidiately ask patient to stop taking pills and visit his psychologist first.

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Are you wondering if ketamine therapy can help you enter a better phase of physical and mental health? Are you eligible for at-home ketamine treatment? All you need to do is book a consultation with us and our expert medics will take care of the rest. Nepenthe Wellness Center is committed to prioritising your health and our treatment plans reflect that. We understand the pressures of daily hustle in life can sometimes adversely affect people and limit their capacity. With a perfect balance of the right diet, regular exercise and IV therapy; you can achieve a happier state of mental health and push the limits of your body in a safe manner.