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Ketamine for OCD Treatment In Cedar Park, TX

Imagine a life devoid of repetitive intrusive thoughts, urges, and images brought by OCD. 

Through Ketamine infusion, we help minimize these obsessive behaviors.

Our healing center at Cedar Park, Texas has helped multiple patients break free from the limitations of OCD. 

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What Is OCD?

OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a type of anxiety disorder. It is defined by excessive thoughts that lead to repetitive behaviors. In many cases, patients experience significant fear of an adverse event that will occur if they do not do something in a specific way or number of times. Often, symptoms are very mild initially but become more severe over time.

Patients suffering from OCD are generally prescribed medication to help with their symptoms and usually go through talk therapy, as well. However, for many people, these treatments are not enough to restore their quality of life. Ketamine therapy has shown a marked ability to reduce obsessive thoughts and compulsions, as well as other symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and more.

Ketamine May Be the Right Choice If You experience the Following:

Obsessive Thoughts

Struggling with racing, obsessive thoughts? Ketamine alters the brain’s neural network, reducing those thoughts.
Anxiety and fear are two common symptoms of OCD, and ketamine helps create new neural pathways in the brain to fight these emotions.


Ketamine’s neural pathway-forming capabilities help slow or even stop compulsive behavior in patients with OCD.
Depression is often a component of OCD, and ketamine can help reduce its hold on your life.

Social Isolation

Has OCD led to isolation from friends and family? Ketamine therapy can help with behavioral components of this condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions about OCD and Ketamine Therapy

Yes, ketamine therapy has been used successfully to treat OCD. It does this by altering the brain’s neural pathways and creating new synaptic connections. The result is a decrease (or elimination) of obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive behaviors. Simply put, it can give you the ability to reclaim your life.

Yes, ketamine therapy has also been shown to help in reducing a wide range of symptoms associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, including anxiety/fear, behavioral changes, and more.

Yes, ketamine is considered safe for most people. It is an FDA-approved medication, and you will follow a personalized treatment plan.
You’ll be able to get comfortable in a recliner and enjoy high-quality headphones and entertainment. A registered nurse will insert the IV into your arm or hand and connect the monitoring equipment to track your vitals. You just need to relax and let the treatment do its work.

All medications have some risk of side effects. Ketamine’s are mild and brief in most patients. In many cases, a sensation of cold is experienced, and most patients feel tired/fatigued after the treatment.