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How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine works very differently in the brain than other drugs. It stimulates the formation of new neural connections, which helps to make the brain more adaptable and flexible while supporting the development of new behaviors and even new thought pathways. Ketamine also blocks glutamate, which has been shown to cause depressive symptoms.

SSRIs vs. Ketamine

Ketamine works differently from traditional SSRI’s or SNRI’s. When traditional antidepressants fail, it’s time to try a new treatment.

Fastest Acting

Ketamine is a fast acting antidepressant. Most patients start feeling relief after just a few sessions.

Psychedelic Effects

Psychedelics offer unique insights to trauma and help patients work through them in a safe space.

Safe, effective and affordable

How does it work?

As an NMDA receptor antagonist, ketamine binds to NMDA receptor proteins located on cell membranes. Here, it can block glutamate from binding. Ketamine also affects the mTOR pathway, which is how it is thought to help create new neural connections. It also binds to the AMPA receptor and opioid receptors.

By boosting/enhancing neural activity, ketamine helps the brain operate normally. Ketamine improves neuroplasticity, which is critical for patients to overcome unhealthy, recursive patterns.

The ketamine experience

How does ketamine differ from other psychedelics?

Through ketamine you can find meaning and insight that can accelerate your journey to self healing.

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