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Ketamine Therapy for Fibromyalgia

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is often misunderstood. It is characterized by musculoskeletal pain, but there is no visible cause. It is also not just about pain. The condition often brings with it additional symptoms, including mood changes, fatigue, an inability to sleep, memory loss, and more. Current research on the condition has found that the disease amplifies painful sensations by altering how pain and non-pain signals are processed in the spinal cord and brain.

Treating fibromyalgia can include pain relievers, antidepressants, and anti-seizure drugs, as well as counseling, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. However, for all those options, sufferers are often left in pain and dealing with unwanted, challenging side effects. Ketamine therapy can offer a dramatic difference by alleviating pain and even addressing other symptoms.

How Many Ketamine Treatments Do I Need For Fibromyalgia?

The number of ketamine infusions needed for Fibromyalgia varies widely among individuals. It’s dependent upon several factors, including the severity of symptoms, individual response to the treatment, and overall health conditions. Some may experience relief after a few sessions, while others may require a more extensive series of infusions to manage the symptoms effectively. Personalized assessment and a tailored treatment plan are crucial to determine the optimal number of infusions, ensuring each individual receives the most beneficial and lasting relief possible. Understanding the unique medical landscape of each patient is essential in prescribing the right frequency and dosage of ketamine infusions to alleviate Fibromyalgia symptoms effectively.

Ketamine May Work for You If You Experience the Following:


Are you experiencing widespread pain from fibromyalgia? Ketamine therapy can offer long-lasting relief.


If you are suffering from decreased neuroplasticity, ketamine increases brain-derived neurotrophic factors, improving neuroplasticity.

Other Symptoms

In addition to treating fibromyalgia pain, ketamine therapy may be able to address your other symptoms.


Have you been in pain for months or years? Ketamine may be able to offer you the relief you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ketamine Therapy and Fibromyalgia

While the exact mechanism is not understood, ketamine has been shown to block NMDA receptors. This affects hypersensitized pain receptors and reduces the pain that you experience. Over time, ketamine has been shown to increase neuroplasticity in the brain and even further alter the expression of NMDA receptors while reducing neuroinflammation therefore help to decrease pain for Americans suffering from Fibromyalgia.

It varies from patient to patient but also changes with the number of sessions you have. Many patients report that their pain is reduced or eliminated for several weeks. After several sessions, many report pain relief for months at a time. 

Ketamine is FDA-approved as an anesthetic. You will also have a custom-developed treatment plan that is specific to you. 

Ketamine therapy is not covered by insurance in most cases. It is an FDA-approved anesthetic, but other uses are considered “off label”. We can provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance carrier in an effort to be reimbursed.

The first step is to schedule your consultation. We’ll sit down, learn about you, discuss your options, and then create a treatment plan that is unique to you.