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Ketamine Treatments For Chronic Pain

How Does Ketamine Work For Chronic Pain?

How Many Ketamine Infusions Are Needed For Chronic Pain?

Ketamine May Work for You If You Experience Any of the Following:

Long-Term Pain

Long-Term Pain

Struggling with pain that has lasted for three months or longer? Ketamine can offer long-term relief.

Medication-Resistant Pain


Has your pain medication become less effective? Ketamine may be able to deliver long-lasting pain relief.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic Pain

Do you suffer from a condition that involves neuropathic components that cause pain? Ketamine could be the right choice.

Life-Affecting Pain

Experiencing pain that limits your ability to do normal activities or reduces your quality of life? Ketamine may be able to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ketamine Therapy and Chronic Pain

Ketamine has traditionally been used as an anesthetic and produces a strong analgesic effect in the body, particularly if your condition involves a neuropathic component. With low doses, it can provide substantial pain relief, but with several sessions, our patients report pain relief that lasts for weeks or even months.

Your ketamine infusion will be administered through an IV inserted into your arm by a registered nurse. You’ll be comfortable in a modern recliner and provided with headphones for music or watching TV. We’ll also monitor your vitals the entire time.

No, it does not. Most patients report feeling a cool/cold sensation as the treatment progresses.

All medications have potential side effects. Ketamine’s side effects are generally mild, and many patients experience none at all.

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