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How does Ketamine work to treat Anxiety

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Peck
Reading Time: 2 minutes

It is not a big deal to feel worried before a big event, but sometimes these symptoms of persistent worry and Anxiety do not leave the person alone and start to meddle with his everyday life, making it impossible for him to do anything in peace. 

Ketamine therapy can help such patients to cope with their anxiety disorder.

What is Ketamine function in Anxiety cases?

When you are provided with ketamine infusion, it works very quickly to increase the glutamate activity in your brain. 

Glutamate is basically an excitatory neurotransmitter in brain, and its function is to make our brain cells function correctly. It needs to be available in the right proportions in our brain to keep the neurons connected with each other and continue functions such as learning, memorizing, and inducing positive thoughts (a mood regulator). 

Also, it supports neuroplasticity. Scientists believe that by increasing neuroplasticity, glutamate helps to re-wire and fix the damaged neuron connections, relieving Anxiety and negative thoughts and helping the patient to feel relaxed. 

What is the Success rate of Ketamine treatment for Anxiety?

Ketamine is one of the controlled drugs, and therefore it is used in very low doses during this treatment method. This is a very minor dose of Ketamine to target multiple mental health issues and some chronic pains. 

Many research projects are going on to determine the efficacy of this treatment, and according to a research report, the success rate of this therapy lies between 55 percent to 70 percent in giving relief to patients with mental health problems and chronic pains.

Its success rate is definitely higher and quicker than other treatment options in which patients have to follow strict regimes and restrictions for months and even more. Clearly, this makes it a more attractive option for all those patients. 


How long does Ketamine treatment for Anxiety typically last?

How long the relief continues after one session of ketamine therapy depends on how severe the anxiety symptoms of a person are. This relief duration could be different for every person.
The duration of one drip is almost 30 to 40 minutes. The results could last for three to four months or even more for a patient with mild to moderate symptoms. But for chronic patients, it could take two to three sittings before he starts to feel the difference.