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Your first visit

The ketamine IV infusion

Once all your paperwork is completed, the clinician will start the IV. A small catheter will be placed in your vein, usually this is quite painless, but in the event of discomfort we do have a topical spray available that can offset any pain. Once the IV is connected the IV pump will be set to administer the medication over 60 minutes.

Ketamine can cause some nausea, if you are prone to motion or car sickness, an anti nausea medication will be administered to offset any symptoms.

Patient Monitoring

We use state of the art remote monitoring devices to collect all your vitals in real time. Our Caretaker devices are placed on your wrist and middle finger and provide the Nurse Practitioner with your blood pressure, O2 levels, heart rate and saturations. If there are any issues they can pause the IV pump and the medication would stop flowing immediately.

Your experience

Enjoy your own private treatment room with all the comforts of home. Select an ambient video from our library, complete with ambient music or use a sleep mask during the infusion to nap comfortably. Most patients report a deeply relaxed sensation during the infusion. Some experience lucid dreaming. The medication allows you to disconnect, provides insights, inspiration, and a feeling of purpose or creativity.

Our private treatment rooms include

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Frequently Asked Questions About IV Ketamine Infusions

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