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Does IV Therapy for weight loss really work?

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Peck
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Are you a skeptic when it comes to intravenous treatment (IV) for weight loss iv therapy? Does it sound too good to be true? 

Well, allow us to make our argument for its validity because IV therapy for weight loss has been known to work out rather splendidly in people looking to get healthier.

Not a magic potion, IV weight loss therapy is a supportive adjunct procedure that can help you shed extra fat when combined with healthy eating habits and regular exercise. 

Studies show that a high percentage of people in their 30s to 50s struggle with various health conditions due to their unhealthy Body Mass Index (BMI), and if you are in the same boat, let us point you towards an efficient solution.

Diet + Exercise + IV Weight Loss Drip = Your Weight Goals Achieved!

The struggle with maintaining the ideal body weight is a relentless strain on most of us. There are always a couple of resilient pounds that refuse to leave us despite the best-laid plans. The fat-burning vitamin IV therapy can be just what you need to achieve your weight goals

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this idea and what this treatment can and cannot do. However, at Nepenthe Wellness Center, we believe in making sure that you have all the facts before you commit yourself to any procedure.

Help your body get the necessary vitamins, minerals, fluids, and other nutrients to boost your immunity and become a healthier version of yourself.

Once your body is properly nourished, it will efficiently lose weight by speeding up its digestive system. 

The IV weight loss treatment we offer uses a mix of lipotropic compounds, special vitamin formulation, and hydrating fluids to improve your metabolism rate.

However, the treatment is best utilized alongside exercise, a balanced diet, and an active lifestyle to ensure that you maintain your physical well-being. 

How does IV for weight loss work?

The IV treatment for weight loss is created especially to aid the body in burning fat.

The formula uses a specifically-designed blend of elements that accelerates the conversion of food into energy by burning calories.

Additionally, the treatment also detoxifies your body by eliminating the heavy metals that can prove to be harmful to your cells.

An excessive amount of heavy metals can lead to cell damage and heavy metal toxicity, which can be prevented by fat-burning IV therapy.

What are the ingredients of a weight loss IV drip?

It always pays off to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Before getting this treatment, you should consult with professionals to make sure that you are not running any threat of allergic reactions.

Moreover, if you are suffering from some chronic health condition, these nutrients might leave you with some adverse reactions.

To avoid such undesirable results, let’s give you an overview of the ingredients involved.

The usual blend of the weight loss IV drip includes the following elements:

  • Lipotropic nutrients – which assist fat break down and promote the formation of muscle  
  • Vitamin B12 – is a vitamin that’s known to build DNA, nerves, and body cells.
  • Vitamin B complex – is medically documented to improve mental health/cognitive skills, and expedite the conversion of food into energy.
  • Vitamin C – is directly linked to the body’s oxidation of fat and many other amazing benefits.
  • Vitamin D – is essential for bone health and the nervous system.
  • L-Carnitine – improves glucose metabolism and builds muscles.
  • Taurine – is a vital amino acid that helps regulate your mood/stress levels and boost concentration.
  • Glutathione – is made from amino acids; glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid, and is vital for building and repairing tissue.
  • Magnesium – supports muscle, improves nerve function, and boosts energy production.
  • Biotin – is an important enzyme that helps break down substances like carbs and fat.
  • IV fluid – eliminates anxiety fatigue and lack of energy by hydrating the body through IV drips.

What ‘IV for weight loss’ CAN and CAN NOT do for you?

It bears reiterating the fact that this therapy is not a miracle drug that will alter your physical attributes. However, it can help you in more than one way.

When it comes to weight loss and body image, people tend to have unrealistic and harsh expectations that can lead to anxiety disorderdepression, and harmful eating and lifestyle choices. 

Here, we’d like to assure you that slowed metabolism is only a natural occurrence and this therapy can boost it to allow your body to get rid of toxins faster.

Moreover, dehydration and deficiency of vital nutrients have been associated with weight gain, which can be addressed with this vitamin infusion therapy.

Getting what they can a ‘skinny IV drip’ can help you in the following ways:

  • You will have more energy in your day-to-day life
  • Your food intake will be efficiently and rapidly converted into energy
  • Your body will burn more calories
  • Your blood circulation and oxidation will improve
  • Your muscle and nerve health will get a boost
  • Your body’s exposure to toxins will be somewhat neutralized

On the other hand, the treatment cannot:

  • Be a substitute for a healthy diet regimen
  • Eliminate the need for regular exercise, an active lifestyle
  • Fulfill your nutrient requirements entirely
  • Be a permanent fix for a deskbound lifestyle

Process carbs and fat through accelerated metabolization

As you probably already know, metabolism is the key to keeping your waistline in check. People with a healthier metabolism system hardly put on any excess fat, which is probably why you miss your teen years. 

With age, the metabolism rate drops by 2-4% annually. Our desk jobs, poor food choices, and carb intake don’t do any favors for our digestive system, which has been causing a lot of health problems in adults of this age. 

With these fat-burning IV drips, you can give your digestive system a much-needed ‘pick-me-up’. The combination of vitamins, amino acids, lipotropic compounds, and antioxidants will also detoxify your internal machinery to its near-optimal state. 

Avoid crash diets! Work out a wholesome weight loss plan

There are many ‘crash dieting’ plans being promoted via social media with incredible results.

Tantalizing as the promises of drastic body transformation may be, these extreme low-calorie plans come with a host of dangers that should make you hesitate about them. 

They may work temporarily but the cons are definitely not worth the effort (and it takes a serious effort, no doubt).

The only solution with proven results and effectiveness, as per the healthcare professionals, is a mix of healthy eating habits and active living.

A supplement boost to smoothen the rough edges of nutrient deficiency and grilling workouts will go a long way in getting you the ideal waistline and maintaining it. 

When to consider getting weight loss IV therapy?

How do you determine if you need this treatment? Well, the decision can be made easily enough.  I

f your answer to the following questions is affirmative, then it might be the time to schedule a consultation here

  • Are you starting your weight-loss journey?
  • Are you having trouble getting rid of a few pounds?
  • Do you spend a lot of time indoors and have a desk job?
  • Do you have trouble summoning energy for tasks that usually excite you?
  • Does your body have trouble adjusting to workouts?
  • Has your metabolism system slowed over the years?
  • Do you get tired easily?

Is your answer to these questions a resounding yes? Then, you should consider speaking to an expert about your treatment options. The Trim Drip might be just the way to go. 

Is there a downside to weight loss IV infusion therapy?

As we mentioned before, we at Nepenthe Wellness Center strongly believe in transparency of information, so we have compiled a  list of possible side effects. The following negative implications have been observed in rare cases, which is why we recommend booking a consultative session to ensure that you will get the best results from this treatment: 

Risk of infection

There is always a small risk of infection when it comes to intravenous treatments. 

Bruising or rash 

The veins in dehydrated patients are usually hard to locate, which might leave a bruise. Or you can get an allergic reaction that causes a rash.

Dizziness or headaches

The infusion of vitamins can sometimes make you feel dizzy or develop a headache, which can be remedied easily if you talk to your healthcare professional.

Limited scientific research

You might not find the effectiveness of intravenous weight loss documented in the medical journal, because of limited studies on the subject. However, those who have benefitted from the treatment will assure you of its effectiveness. 

Unsupervised treatment can lead to complications

As the treatment requirements vary from individual to individual, it’s best to get a proper consultation and a supervised infusion to avoid any complication 

Not recommended for long-term use

You might be recommended to get the treatment twice per month or so. However, the frequency of the treatment should be adjusted as your body achieves balanced nutrition. 

Book a session today!

At Nepenthe Wellness Center, our healthcare professionals can guide you about the best treatment plans depending on your healthcare concerns. Our Trim Drip – which is packed with nutrients and vitamins – can provide the much-needed boost to materialize your BMI goals. You can come to visit us or book a session here.


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