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Find relief to your pain.

Up to one-third of patients struggle with depression that cannot be alleviated through conventional medications. Ketamine can help.

Ketamine prompts the brain to create new neural pathways, helping combat anxiety.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can be incredibly destructive, and few medications address the underlying issues. Ketamine shows immense promise in treating PTSD and alleviating symptoms.

Millions of people struggle with chronic pain every day of their lives. Ketamine offers a novel way to treat chronic pain and end suffering.

OCD can be debilitating, and few conventional medications work. Ketamine therapy can stop obsessive thoughts and behaviors.

Ketamine reduces the chance of relapse while helping patients focus on building the skills they need to reclaim their lives.

What Is Ketamine Used For?

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a time-tested anesthetic with a long history of use. It is also able to alleviate pain, both physical and mental. Fast and effective, it provides relief from symptoms almost immediately, so patients are not forced to wait weeks for a glimpse of relief from their suffering.

The History of Ketamine

2 Steps to Your Consultation

Preparing for Ketamine Therapy

Step 1: Schedule Your Free Consultation

Step 2: Attend Your Consultation

Once we receive your consultation form, we’ll schedule a free consultation and reach out to you. At your consultation, we’ll answer your questions, help you determine if this is the right path, and set appropriate expectations.

Purpose-Built for Healing

Our facility is designed from the ground up to foster healing and recovery. We offer private treatment rooms, comfortable furniture, high-quality headphones, and a home-like environment to ensure you are comfortable.

What Our Patients Say


Frequently Asked Questions about Ketamine Therapy

Yes! While ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic, it shows significant promise in treating depression, particularly with patients who experience treatment-resistant depression. These cases account for up to one-third of all depression diagnoses in the US.

Ketamine has shown a marked ability to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD within only a few minutes of the initial session beginning.

Yes! While it is technically “off label” use, ketamine can be used to treat OCD. It shows significant promise in alleviating the obsessive thoughts and behaviors that are associated with this condition.

Think of your consultation as a “getting to know one another” session. We will sit down with you, answer your questions, assess your condition/situation, and discuss your needs and goals. Based on this input, we will create a personalized treatment plan that includes ketamine therapy, but can also include other options, such as traditional psychotherapy, which has been shown to amplify the benefits of ketamine therapy.

Some patients report dizziness and nausea, particularly those with a history of this type of reaction to medications. Anti-nausea medication taken before treatment can help. Some patients also report experiencing fatigue after treatment, so we recommend having someone give you a ride home. In some instances, patients have experienced disassociation, although this tends to be a beneficial effect, as it can help patients struggling with anxiety.

Most of our patients find the treatment very pleasant and deeply relaxing, providing the opportunity to remove themselves from sensations of pain, as well as anxiety. Note that ketamine infusion does not create a “high” – it empowers you to achieve better outcomes in treating your chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Yes, our facility is purpose-built for ketamine therapy. We offer private therapy rooms, comfortable furniture, low lights, and soothing décor to create a home-like atmosphere and ensure that you’re completely comfortable and relaxed.