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Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy: How & when to use it?

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Peck
Reading Time: 6 minutes
Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, and it is an essential pyridine nucleotide that can be found in all living cells.

Basically, it is a vital element to maintaining proper body function, and its level starts declining as we age.

In this article, we can learn about this coenzyme, which has been hailed as a wonderful anti-aging molecule because of the range of benefits it offers for the promotion of health and even increasing lifespan. 

Many scientific studies have revealed that NAD+ can assist your body in battling signs of aging and chronic health conditions related to the heart and mind, which is why we at Nepenthe Wellness Center are calling our intravenous NAD+ IV Drip ‘The Fountain of Youth’.

What is NAD+ & why is it important?

NAD+ is essentially a fundamental molecule that plays a pivotal role in human life and health as it helps regulate metabolism and dictates cell survival or death.

This coenzyme has two categories of functions in the human body; it assists in the conversion of nutrients into energy to boost metabolism and works as a helper molecule to proteins that oversee other cellular functions.

First discovered in 1906, the scientific importance of NAD+ in human health has continued to evolve to this date. 

However, it must be noted here that the body doesn’t have an endless supply of this coenzyme, and with age, the decline in its levels in both brain tissues and skin cells impairs the body’s ability to repair damaged DNA.

That’s where we can help. With our NAD+ Fountain of Youth Drip, your body will be able to get a boost of this essential molecule and all its associated benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

What are the benefits of NAD+ Therapy for the body and brain?

When it comes to the brain, the most energy-intensive organ of the body, this IV drip therapy can offer many unbelievable benefits.

The body’s natural reserve of this vital molecule can be affected by health concerns like; post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, neurogenerative disorders and ageing. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects have been researched to prove beneficial against these neurodegenerative diseases such as vascular dementia.

NAD+ protects nerves against demyelination, which refers to the damage posed to the protective coating of nerve fibres. This drip also improves memory and cognitive function. Moreover, it is essential in managing physiological and cellular communication and contributes to restoring neurological capacity compromised by the energy consumption of the body. 

Additionally, recent studies have shown that NAD+ promotes longevity by leaving a favorable impact on several age-related disorders involving oxidative stress, inflammation, and impaired mitochondrial function. To put it in easy layman’s terms, the molecule also helps people fight anxiety and depression.

Aside from the brain, this therapy treatment has other health benefits that include strengthening cardiovascular function, boosting metabolism, and improving overall stamina.

Moreover, as an added bonus for workout enthusiasts, the NAD plus therapy also helps in restoring your body’s strength post-exercise.

The duration of pain caused by sore muscles and cramps can be reduced with this miraculous intravenous therapy.

NAD+ Therapy for battling addiction: Does it really help?

It may sound too incredible to be true. However, NAD+ Therapy has shown improvements in people afflicted with food addiction and/or substance abuse.

You may ask how?

The studies indicate that increasing NAD+ levels has the potential to manage and treat addictive behavior in multiple ways that include but aren’t limited to reducing cravings and dampening withdrawal symptoms.

It is pertinent to mention here that NAD+ IV isn’t a primary treatment for addictive behavior but it works well in a supplementary capacity. 

It is highlighted that when people indulge in substance abuse, their natural NAD levels are depleted, which makes it hard for them to convert food into energy.

Some researchers have even alleged that reduced NAD+ levels in the body can increase the chances of people developing addictions.

NAD therapy will ensure that your brain gets the required levels of this co-enzyme in a faster and effective way than is possible by eating healthily and will trigger the following positive reactions in the body:

  • It will flush out any drugs that are still in the user’s system.
  • It also reduces the craving for drugs, alcohol, or opioids in a natural way.
  • It takes the burnout of withdrawal symptoms, which are extremely hard and uncomfortable to overcome.
  • Unlike the consequences of caffeine, sugar, or other substances, this therapy can enable your body to produce more energy naturally.

If you choose to go with this complementary treatment to battle your addiction or help a loved one, you should know that the duration of treatment can vary depending on the severity of the addiction and the recommendations of our professional healthcare providers. 

Who else can benefit from NAD+ infusion therapies?

The NAD+ infusion therapy is beneficial for anyone suffering from low energy levels and constant fatigue. If you feel like your mind is constantly foggy, you will be a great candidate for this health-restoring IV treatment.

Once your body’s NAD+ levels are replenished, you will feel drastically changed. Moreover, if ageing is being hard on your physical and mental health, you will be a good candidate for this treatment. Medical studies have recorded positive impacts of NAD+ therapies on certain age-related chronic conditions.

Additionally, as we already mentioned, people who like to test the limits of their bodies regularly will also benefit from this treatment.  

NAD+ Drip & Anti-ageing: The Fountain of Youth 

Amongst the many benefits of NAD+ therapy treatment are DNA repair, cellular regeneration, and longevity. Not to say that this treatment can make you immortal or eternally young, but it CAN slow the signs of aging and even reverse them. These outcomes are achieved due to the fact that this amazing co-enzyme can help return your cells to their previous state when you were young, which is essentially like turning back the figurative biological clock.

If you are led to believe that using the right moisturizer can help you get your youthful appearance back, we will have to let you know that the scientific definition of anti-aging means slowing, stopping, or reversing the aging of the body’s cells.

Any anti-aging product worth its matter will actually have to minimize cell damage that happens as we advance in years due to stress, disease, or the environment.

As time passes, our bodies’ cells go through adverse chemical processes like oxidation, glycation, and methylation. With continuous replenishment of NAD, your body will have a better chance to counteract all the negative consequences of illnesses related to aging. 

How often should you do this treatment?

Traditionally, this infusion at Nepenthe Wellness Center can take up to 2 hours and is prescribed once or twice a month. With this treatment, your body can repair damaged DNA cells and help you achieve a healthier state of both brain and body.

With our ‘Youth of Fountain Drip’, you can enjoy your pursuits with maximum comfort and without compromising your nutritional balance. 

Book your session today, and let us provide you with a completely customized consultation and treatment service.

Visit us at our center, where our healthcare team can take into account your personal health concerns and adjust the frequency of  IV NAD treatment.

The gap between treatments allows the body to adjust to the inflow of new nutrient levels and lets you pursue your routine tasks with renewed vigor. 

FAQs about NAD+ Fountain of Youth Drip

How do you feel after the NAD drip?

According to our clients who have undergone this treatment, people feel more energy, have better focus, improved mood, ease in keeping up with workout routines, and even have a better grasp on their weight management goals.

How long do the effects of NAD infusion last?

Depending on the individual’s constitution, the effects of NAD+ infusion treatment can last somewhere between a week and a fortnight.

Can you feel uncomfortable during the NAD+ drip?

The body undergoes an energy-consuming process of repairing mitochondrial DNA that can be taxing for you to endure during this treatment. Also, you might feel slightly uncomfortable if intravenous treatments generally make you sick.

What are the side effects of NAD therapy?

Some of the reported side effects of NAD+ IV therapy may include; nausea, brain fog, muscular cramps, soreness, tenderness, or swelling at the injection site.

Can NAD help with anxiety?

NAD is a co-enzyme that has been reported to be highly effective in reversing feelings of depression and anxiety and leaving you with an elevated mood, although it might be less effective than ketamine therapy for anxiety.

Does NAD+ increase life expectancy?

As we mentioned, NAD+ promotes longevity, which is achieved through multiple mechanisms, including DNA repair. 

Try Nepenthe Wellness Center’s NAD+ Fountain of Youth Drip to regain energy & strength

Nepenthe Wellness Centre does not compromise or settle when it comes to your health and wellbeing. You can visit us today for a consultation with our professional healthcare team and discuss how you can optimally benefit from the NAD+ Fountain of Youth Drip.

With a perfect balance of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and nourishing IV therapy, you can slow down the process of aging without restoring any harmful and artificial products. You can sign up for a session here.


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