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Benefits of At Home Ketamine Therapy

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Peck
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IV Therapy vs Oral Supplement

At-Home Ketamine Therapy: An Affordable Path to Wellness

At Nepenthe Wellness Center, we’re committed to providing our patients with cutting-edge solutions that speak directly to their mental, emotional, and physical health needs. We’ve offered in-office infusions since opening our doors to provide ketamine treatment for anxiety patients, treatment-resistant depression, chronic pain, and other conditions. Today, we’re proud to extend a similar offer to other patients: at-home ketamine therapy.

What Is Ketamine?

Discovered decades ago, ketamine is an anesthetic with powerful additional benefits. It has been used in surgical settings for a very long time, but for almost as long, it has been researched for its ability to help with other situations, including treating physical pain, including when chronic pain is unbearable, migraines, neuropathic pain, depression, PTSD, OCD therapy, anxiety, substance use disorders, and more.

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine works differently from other anesthetics and does not increase heart rate or respiration. It also does not come with the same downsides as other drugs, such as opioids. As a hallucinogenic, it does have the potential to create hallucinations, but only at high doses.

In a clinical setting, those properties allow it to help create new neural pathways in the brain, essentially helping the brain stop old ways of doing things and creating new pathways, which is why it is being used to treat depression and substance abuse. Some of the primary benefits of ketamine therapy include the following:

What Are the Differences between In-Office and At-Home Ketamine Therapy?

We take a lot of pride in being able to help our patients overcome their health challenges. However, we understand that in-office ketamine therapy is not right for everyone. The cost of the Ketamine treatment was often the single largest hurdle. Other patients simply lived too far from our facility for in-person treatments to be realistic.

Our at-home ketamine treatment offer was developed to overcome both issues. Cost-effective and flexible, it also delivers ketamine to your front door. It’s convenient and just as effective as our in-person treatment option. Furthermore, Ketamine at home can be easily monitored and administered by HCP through a video call.

How Does the At-Home Ketamine Process Work?

We’ve pioneered a simple, direct process that ensures you’re able to get a customized treatment plan and the medication you need with just four simple steps. Let’s break things down for you below.

Step 1: Free Consultation Call

The first step is a free consultation call. This is our “getting to know you” phase. Because our treatments are customized to you as an individual, we need to know about your symptoms. We also discuss your options and how treatment may benefit you. We must also complete a brief assessment to make sure ketamine is the right treatment for your needs.

Step 2: Mental Health Assessment

If ketamine is the right treatment option for you, we move on to a mental health assessment. Our in-house therapist will discuss your expectations, as well as what you should know about the treatment process. You will also go over your mood surveys and discuss the results.

Step 3: Medical Conference Call

The third step is a medical conference call during which we’ll answer your questions, and our clinician will explore your health history, comfort level with ketamine therapy, and any other medications or supplements you might be taking. At the end of the call, we’ll create your customized treatment plan.

Step 4: Treatment Begins

Once we’ve created your treatment plan, we’ll ship ketamine right to your door. We’ll also give you instructions on how to use it, as well as all the supplies necessary. We also recommend that you journal in the workbook and then share those insights with your therapist or use them yourself to improve personal growth.

We do recommend that you have a “sitter” – a friend or family member who can sit with you during the treatment to help with anything you might need.

What Type of Ketamine Will I Be Using?

One of the big differences between in-office and at-home ketamine therapy is how the ketamine is delivered. Our in-office treatments are delivered via an IV drip. That is not possible with at-home treatments of which some cases are eligible for. Instead, you’ll receive tablets that you’ll take orally. Simply place it under your tongue and allow it to dissolve. The sublingual formulation allows it to be absorbed into your bloodstream and deliver the benefits you need.

How Much Does At Home Ketamine Treatment Cost?

The cost was one of the factors that prevented some prospective patients from receiving the help they need. We developed our at-home ketamine therapy in part to address that problem, while also ensuring that our rural patients could access their treatments more easily.

Currently, in-office treatments cost $2,550. In contrast, we offer two at-home ketamine options that cost less.

The first is our basic Mental Reset, which includes 6 sublingual treatments for $1,079. We also offer an Extended Reset, which includes 18 sublingual treatments for $2,322. Both packages include a new patient consultation, custom treatment plan, therapeutic workbook, customized playlist, sleep mask, blood pressure monitor, two follow-ups with your clinician, and medical record review. The Extended Reset also includes two maintenance follow-up visits.

Additional Help with Financing

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the right medical care for their needs. To ensure that we’re able to succeed in that mission, we partner with CareCredit to help patients finance their treatment. It’s never been easier to afford healthcare and break up payments over time.

It’s Time to Take That First Step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It’s time to take the first step on your journey toward healing. Get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about our at-home ketamine therapy. You can reach us at or by calling 512-986-7723. There’s no reason to continue suffering. Compassionate help is available right now.