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Ketamine Therapy In Austin, TX


Those living in Austin, Texas may find relief from symptoms of treatment-resistant depression and anxiety with ketamine therapy. A study published in 2019 in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology found that ketamine has anti-anxiety effects in addition to its well known antidepressant effects. Ketamine therapy is typically administered in a clinical setting by a qualified professional at a specialized ketamine clinic, so those seeking to explore this treatment option should consult with their doctor for further guidance. While it is important to note that there is no substitute for traditional treatments such as psychotherapy and antidepressants, ketamine therapy may be an effective supplement when included within an overall treatment plan.

How far is Austin from Nepenthe Wellness Center in Cedar Park, TX?

Located in Cedar Park, TX, just a few minutes away from the thriving city of Austin. Nepenthe Wellness Center is dedicated to providing people with the latest in ketamine therapy. With an experienced team of medical professionals, this revolutionary treatment has helped countless people dealing with ailments such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Whether you’re looking for a ketamine clinic near you or want to find out what kind of treatments are being offered, book your consultation today to learn more about your options. We understand that every person’s situation is different and our supportive staff is here to answer all your questions about the process and help you decide if ketamine therapy may be the right solution for you.

Find freedom from anxiety and depression with the help of Ketamine Treatment in Austin, TX 

Anxiety and severe depression can be overwhelming and take a toll on your mental health. Fortunately, ketamine treatment has proven to be a rapid and effective option for those suffering from these issues. The National Library of Medicine acknowledges that ketamine is an N-methyl-D aspartate receptor antagonist that can alleviate symptoms of depression quickly.

If you’re seeking relief from these conditions and you’re located in Austin, Nepenthe Wellness Center offers intravenous infusions of ketamine that are highly effective against anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic pain, PTSD, and other mood disorders. Our team of healthcare professionals can help you determine whether this treatment option is right for you to provide a rapid relief.

In addition, we offer in-home ketamine infusions to increase your comfort and convenience. Contact us today to schedule a medical conference call with our professionals, who will carefully review your medical history to assess your treatment options. Our entire treatment process, including in-home and in-client services, is designed to provide you with expert care that is both swift and painless. If you or a loved one in Austin is struggling with mental health issues, we encourage you to book a consultation session with us to discover how ketamine treatment can reinvigorate your life.

Safe and well administrated Ketamine Therapy for patients from Austin, TX

At Nepenthe Wellness Center, we offer quality ketamine therapy services to clients living in Austin, Texas. Our licensed and expert team of professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care with comfort. We welcome you to book your consultation with us today if you are considering receiving ketamine treatment for your mood disorder.

During our first meeting, we will get an idea of your medical and treatment history as well as the objectives you want to meet as a result of receiving ketamine therapy. Based on this information, we’ll design a tailored treatment plan that meets your specific needs. Rest assure that you’ll be in hands-on care of highly knowledgeable professionals when visiting our facility in Austin.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ketamine Therapy in Austin, TX

Nepenthe Wellness Center – located in Cedar Park, TX – is ideally positioned to deliver a reliable and expert ketamine therapy solution to patients in Austin, TX. Additionally, people can also try our at-home ketamine therapy service for additional comfort.

Nepenthe Wellness Center in Cedar Park, TX, is in a strategic place to offer ketamine therapy solutions to patients in Austin, TX. It is a 25-30-minute drive from Austin, TX, to avail our treatment facility. Moreover, we also offer at-home services for additional comfort.

From IV therapy treatments to ketamine therapy, Nepenthe Wellness Center offers a wide range of expert solutions for individuals seeking to improve their health. The expert team of professionals at this facility can guide you regarding ketamine treatment and offer you personalized care.

Any side effects from this treatment are rare. However, the patient might feel tired and discomfort after the first session. There are no ongoing side effects of this therapy. We do recommend for people benefitting from this treatment arrange for someone to drive them to and from the facility, as it is not advisable to drive directly after the infusion.

As each patient and treatment plan is different, no one shoe that fits all. On average, this treatment can take up to one hour. For patients receiving higher dosages, the treatment can take up to two hours as well.