Now Offering At Home Ketamine Therapy!

Safe, Effective and Affordable

At Home Ketamine Therapy

Feel relief in hours, not weeks or months

Our at home ketamine therapy provides results, without the expense of in office IV infusions. Effective at managing treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, bi polar and PTSD.

Previously, cost has prohibited people from receiving the benefits of ketamine therapy. Now, there is an answer.

We are proud to offer at home ketamine therapy to our patients! Whether you have tried our in-clinic infusions in the past, or are new to ketamine therapy all together, we welcome you to learn more about this revolutionary treatment!


Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication and has been used as an anesthetic since the 1970s in both operating rooms and for treating soldiers during the Vietnam War. However, for almost as long, it has been explored for its benefits in treating depression, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions. In fact, it has been called “one of the biggest breakthroughs in depression management.”

Ketamine demonstrates significant effectiveness in treating several conditions, including treatment-resistant depression, which affects one in three depression patients who does not respond to conventional medications or talk therapy. Now there is hope and help!

Our comprehensive at home ketamine treatment provides:

Ketamine treatment - A new you is possible

We provide all you need in order to start, or continue your path to healing. We focus on treating the root of your problems, not just the symptoms.

Why consider ketamine therapy when there are well-established, traditional treatments available? Simply put, it comes down to effectiveness. It was hailed as the “biggest breakthrough in treating depression in 50 years” and it has lived up to that claim.

We’ll help you determine if ketamine therapy is right for you and set you on the path toward success. If you’re struggling under the weight of depression, anxiety, OCD, or PTSD psychedelic therapy with ketamine could be the game-changing treatment you need.


Our 4 Step At Home Ketamine Process


Free Consultation Call

In our consultation we will discuss what is ailing you, how ketamine can help and discuss the treatment process. We will include a quick evaluation to assess if ketamine may be right for you.


Mental Health Assessment

Our in house therapist will go through your expectations for treatment, guide you in setting your intentions, and review your mood surveys with you. 


Medical Conference Call

On this call all your treatment and medical questions will be answered. Our clinician will go through your health history, medication list and comfort level to find the right dose for you. They will create a customized treatment program based on the information you provide.


Personal growth

After each treatment you are encouraged to journal in your ketamine workbook. You can share these insights with your current therapist or use them yourself to work through your traumas to see you through to the other side, to growth and wellbeing.

Efficacy of Sublingual Ketamine

Although the absorption rate of oral ketamine is lesser than IV or IM ketamine, when properly dosed many patients experience the same sensations and results as their in clinic treatments.

Safe and effective, at ketamine is much less expensive than IV infusions and thus making it widely available to people searching for answers.

Why at home ketamine therapy with Nepenthe Wellness?

At Nepenthe Wellness Center, our goal is to help you move forward with your life. Our team is devoted to your success. Many of our staff have experienced trauma and most have created sustainable growth through ketamine therapy themselves. They have first hand knowledge of what’s ailing you and how to work through it with this breakthrough treatment.

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Years of Research

Years of clinical research of sublingual and IV ketamine therapy has proved it safe and effective.

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Used Daily in Hospitals

Ketamine is used in hospitals and clinics safely everyday.

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The Science

Ketamine boosts neural connections and helps to “rewire” the brain.

MD Anesthesiologist

Dr. Peck is the Medical Director of Nepenthe Wellness Center and a renowned anesthesiologist who has dedicated his life to delivering quality care and helping his patients live their lives fully. Dr. Peck takes a holistic view of health and wellness, stressing the need to look at the whole person, including an analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual, and lifestyle values.

• Graduated from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in 2008

• With 12+ years of experience, Dr. Peck estimates to have treated over 9,000 patients

• A native Houstonian affiliated with American Legion Hospital, Lafayette General Medical Center, and Lafayette General Surgical Hospital

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