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About Us

At Nepenthe Wellness Center, we believe that good health is everyone’s right. 

We focus on advanced treatments that target the underlying problems, not just the symptoms, and take a compassionate stance toward treating our patients. 

From IV therapy to ketamine therapy, we offer help and healing. 

Our Team

Every member of our team is committed to helping our patients heal and thrive. All of our staff members are fully trained and certified medical professionals with in-depth knowledge of IV therapy and ketamine therapy.

We also partner with local mental health providers to ensure that our patients can fully benefit from their treatments. With decades of combined experience delivering compassionate care, you’re in good hands.

Dr. Trevor Peck

M.D., Anesthesiologist

Dr. Peck is the Medical Director of Nepenthe Wellness Center and a renowned anesthesiologist who has dedicated his life to delivering quality care and helping his patients live their lives fully.

Dr. Peck takes a holistic view of health and wellness, stressing the need to look at the whole person, including an analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual, and lifestyle values.

• Graduated from Louisiana State University School of
    Medicine in 2008

• With 12+ years of experience, Dr. Peck estimates to have   treated over 9,000 patients

• A native Houstonian affiliated with American Legion
   Hospital, Lafayette General Medical Center, and Lafayette
   General Surgical Hospital

Dr. Trevor Peck MD

Our Wellness Clinic

Located in the heart of Cedar Park, just north of Austin, Nepenthe Wellness Center offers a comfortable, home-like environment in a beautiful setting. Comfortable furnishings, soft lighting, and privacy are our hallmarks. Relax during your treatment with high-quality headphones in a comfortable reclining chair as we help you relax and recover.

Our Mission

“All therapy is not created equal.” Our mission is to ensure that every patient receives the treatment they need to live life to its fullest. We deliver compassionate care to help address a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional health challenges, from severe allergies and a general sense of feeling rundown to treatment-resistant depression and OCD. At Nepenthe Wellness Center, hope and healing are available.

Core Values



We believe in complete transparency and open communication with our patients. We commit to being upfront about what to expect from treatments, the number of sessions necessary, and more.

Quality of Care

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of care possible to each and every patient who trusts us with their health and wellness. We achieve that through compassionate care, advanced treatments, and a holistic view of healthcare.


We believe that everyone should have access to treatments that address the underlying cause, rather than just masking symptoms. Healing and recovery can only begin when the true root cause is addressed.
Mature woman working with family in the background at home

Schedule First Appointment

It’s time to take the next step toward improved health and wellness! Contact our office today and schedule your first appointment. Unsure if IV therapy or ketamine therapy is right for you? Speak with one of our experienced medical professionals about your concerns. We will work with you to find the right treatment path based on your personal needs and goals.