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Better Health Is Within Your Reach.

At Nepenthe Wellness Center, we take a different approach to wellness based on advanced healthcare treatments that address the underlying problems and not just your symptoms. Better health is just a visit away!

Health & Healing Are Possible with IV Therapy in Cedar Park, TX.

Rejuvenate, heal, and recover with Nepenthe Wellness Center’s personalized IV infusions. Low energy? Suffering from allergies? Mental fog? We can help!

Our Services

IV therapy delivers a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream to improve mental clarity, enhance the body’s ability to heal and fight illness, and generate energy. We help you fight back against anxiety, toxin build-up, poor sleep, and more!

Ketamine therapy is a light in the darkness. From ketamine therapy for anxiety to OCD to treatment-resistant depression and chronic pain, we help you move from the dark back into life, complete with powerful tools to augment your experience and a home-like setting.

Why Choose Our Wellness Center ?

Cutting-Edge Solutions
We deliver compassionate care through advanced healthcare solutions that do more than simply treat symptoms. We help you address the underlying cause.
A Home-Like Facility
We believe that healing happens best when our patients are comfortable. Our facility is warm and comfortable, filled with soft light, and purposefully designed to improve wellness.
Compassionate Staff
Our staff is committed to helping you improve your health and wellness through compassionate, expert care and treatment.
A Holistic Approach
The body is more than just a collection of separate systems. It is a single whole and we approach treatment with that understanding.
What Are You Waiting For ?

There is hope and help available. Contact us today or visit our office to discuss which treatment option is best suited to you.

Book Your Cedar Park Vitamin Therapy Session Now.

Boost energy, reduce inflammation, enhance immune system function, and improve cognitive function with our personalized vitamin drips.

Book Your Cedar Park Ketamine Therapy Consultation Now.

Find out if ketamine is the right option for you. Our in-depth, personalized consultations ensure that you know everything you need about this treatment option.

About Nepenthe Wellness Center

Founded by Dr. Trevor Peck, M.D., Anesthesiologist, Nepenthe Wellness Center exists to offer cutting-edge healthcare treatments and wellness solutions. From IV therapy to ketamine therapy, we help address the underlying cause of your symptoms all within a home-like setting, surrounded by compassionate staff. Our center is also easy to reach for patients in Cedar Park, TX, and the surrounding area.

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